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From our award-winning, engineered vacuum systems to our patented, two-stage line of heaters, you’ll find a product that ideally suits your needs. Re-Verber-Ray® and Universal Ray low-intensity heaters are a little- to no-maintenance, cost-effective and energy-efficient solution for heating a wide variety of areas.

  • Lengths from 10’ to 80’
  • BTU options from 25,000 – 200,000 BTU’s
  • Propane or Natural Gas
  • Single stage, two stage, or fully modulating
  • Stainless steel models for harsh environments
  • Design options include straight-tube, U-tube, L-shaped, and more
  • WiFi Thermostats and Building Management System controls available
  • Designed for easy installation
  • Made in Warren, Michigan

Universal Ray – Available Online Only

Universal Ray RHT

The Universal Ray RHT Series infrared tube heater, a dual stage natural gas or propane fired low intensity system, is economical without sacrificing performance. This heater is an online exclusive! Click “Shop Now on Amazon” for pricing, availability and to learn more!

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Universal Ray RH

The Universal Ray RH Series infrared tube heater is a single stage natural gas or propane fired low intensity system. Like the RHT, the RH series features quality construction materials and is built tough right here in the USA. Find out more about this online only heater by clicking “Shop Now on Amazon”

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Premier Series


A premier, two stage, low intensity infrared heater, the HL3 Series ensures comfortable and efficient heating for your space. These gas fired heaters are constructed with the highest quality materials and have less on/off cycles compared to single stage units thanks to its patented two-stage operation. The HL3 Series has a range of 65,000 to 200,000 BTUs, and is our most recommended heater across many application types.


The premier, single stage, low intensity infrared heater, the DX3L is a sibling to the HL3 Series. The DX3L also has 100% aluminized steel tubes with a .95 emissive coating, self-diagnostic LED microprocessor based circuitry, and is designed for performance and longevity. This single stage heater works well in applications with low air changes, evenly heating your space without the need for the high-fire quick recovery of a two stage unit.


A step-up from two stage technology, the MP Series (Modulating Plus) is unique in that it incrementally modulates up and down within a BTU range, making it the “Cadillac” of the Re-verber-ray tube heater lineup. Additionally, the MP Series incorporates three performance curves including a “Blast Mode” that pumps extra BTUs. Comfort Mode works well on patios, kennels, and woodworking shops; Standard Mode is best for service garages, fire stations, or manufacturing facilities; and Economy Mode makes heating aircraft hangars, car washes, or pole barns a breeze!

Harsh Environment

HL2-SS (-SB)

The two stage HL2 Specialty Series is appropriate for harsh environments, like a car wash, where the unit may be exposed to moisture or chemicals. The HL2-SB comes standard with a moisture resistant silicone sealed stainless steel burner box and aluminized steel tubes for less harsh environments. Upgrade to one of the only fully stainless steel tube heaters on the market with the HL2-SS, complete with stainless steel tubes, reflectors, and hanging hardware.

DX2-SS (-SB)

A sibling to the HL2 Specialty Series, the DX2 is a single stage low intensity tube heater. Also appropriate for harsh, wet, contaminated applications, this heater is available with a standard silicone sealed burner box (-SB) or fully upgraded (-SS) with stainless steel tubes, reflectors, and hardware. Both the DX2 and HL2 have several choices for stainless steel and raintight accessories, making these systems best in class for durability and performance in tough conditions.

Economy Series


Like it’s sibling the DET3, the DES3 Series combines hot-rolled steel emitter tubes and highly polished reflectors to warm your space. Easily access the burner box components with simple thumb screws and even service the unit during operation if needed! Single-stage with direct spark ignition, the DES3 gives more bang for your buck and is a practical choice for heating your chilly space.


Two-stage technology means quick recovery of warmth in your space with the DET3 Economy Series. The black coated aluminum or titanium stabilized combustion tube improves overall emissivity, while the hot-rolled steel emitter tubes and highly polished reflectors powerfully radiate heat below. A wallet smart choice, the DET3 Series works well in a variety of applications that experience frequent cold air infiltration.

Engineered Vacuum Systems


Think your space is too big to heat? Think again! The HLV Series infrared vacuum heating system is a multi-burner factory engineered solution for larger buildings. With two stage operation, the HLV can feature up to 6 burner heads and 750,000 BTU’s to a single exhaust penetration! While competitors offer similar systems using exhaust gases for combustion air, the HLV Series uses clean combustion air for each burner box, thus eliminating the need for yearly maintenance on expensive filters. This line can also incorporate state-of-the-art control panels for Building Management Systems!

Low Clearance and Certified for Attached Garages


The single-stage version of it’s sibling the LD3, the LS3 is also residentially certified and ideal for your home garage. Many of the stellar features of the LD3 are shared with the LS3, and the LS3 is the more economical choice for spaces with decent insulation and very little air changes. These heaters can also be designed in a U- or L-shaped configuration to fit tighter spaces.


A two-stage infrared radiant tube heater with the bonus of low clearances to combustibles, the LD3 Series is a no-brainer for applications requiring low mounting heights. The lower BTU range and short length options means this heater fits well in mezzanines, small restaurant patios, or your home garage. Maintenance is a cinch with tool-free access to the control compartment. Ask about WiFi thermostat options to control this unit from your smartphone!

Low Clearance and CNG Facility Certified


The CX3 Series is the single-stage sibling of the CL3 Series and is also a winning choice for low ceiling and/or low clearance applications. With only a maximum surface temperature of 750F, the CX3 will meet the NFPA 30A Code requirements for CNG/LNG fueled buildings. Shared features with the CL3 include aluminized steel tubes with emissive coating, highly polished reflectors, and tool free access to the burner box.


Specifically designed to meet NFPA 30A Code requirements, the two-stage CL3 Series is another choice for applications requiring low clearances and low BTU’s. For CNG/LNG fueled vehicle repair facilities the CL3 is a perfect choice when looking to heat work areas, lunch rooms, mezzanines and more. Stay within code requirements while not sacrificing performance or quality craftsmanship with the Re-verber-ray CL3 Series from Detroit Radiant Products.

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